Refunds Policy:

Emmorton Recreation is a non-profit and does not provide refunds.  Exceptions will be considered if the program is cancelled, participant moves away or serious injury prevents participation.  In the event a refund is issued an administration fee of at least 25% will be deducted, contingent on time of withdraw.

Harford County Parks & Recreation Inclement Weather Policy

Department programs scheduled in school facilities
When schools are closed or close early on weekdays due to inclement weather, all Department programs in schools will be canceled. When schools are closed on Friday due to inclement weather, programs for the succeeding weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) may be canceled also.

When Harford County Government offices are closed, all Harford County Parks and Recreation facilities will also be closed. These facilities will also adhere to announced delayed openings or early closings as determined by Harford County Government. In addition, if a specific facility can't be opened or remain open safely, it may be closed by the local Parks and Recreation staff. During evening hours, weekends, and holidays when Harford County Government does not have regular business hours, local recreation staff will make cancellation decisions based upon specific site conditions.

Emmorton Recreation & Tennis Center


When Harford County Government offices are closed on weekdays due to inclement weather, Emmorton Recreation & Tennis Center is also closed, otherwise, call for closing information.

Heat Advisory:

Harford County does have a weather related cancellation procedure that in simple terms states that if the Temperature/Humidity Index reaches a level above 85 which in simplified math is: if the temperature plus the humidity equal 175 or more ( i.e. 90 degrees plus 85% humidity), practices should be cancelled. In addition, if the temperature reaches 100 degrees, practices should be cancelled.

I leave these decisions in the Chairpeople hands as we all have to guess what it will be like at 6 PM as opposed to 2 or 3 in the afternoon.

In any event, please advise your coaches to show extreme caution with the kids(light clothing, plenty of fluids, plenty of breaks, etc).